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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Toycon | Comicon Philippines

Toycon revealed a new logo last night at exactly 9pm on their Facebook page.

The Toycon logo created buzz and positive reactions from the fans. The longest running and largest pop culture event in Asia presented a logo to cater to the growing millennial and international visitors that come every year to the event.

Toycon – Where Asia Comes to Play!

Toycon’s new tagline indicates the direction of where it is going.

It is now an International event that will flex its muscle to further increase the international visitors that are coming.

This all means that a better and grander line-up of activities is expected this year.
These activities are guaranteed to give the fans and fence watchers enjoy Toycon even more.

Toycon is the Comicon of the Philippines!

Toycon is the undisputed Comicon of the Philippines. It started the pop culture revolution in the country.

Now, it is capturing the heart of pop culture enthusiasts in Asia.

This year is, the 18th year, and thru the years it has been adding value and making different toy and pop culture communities in the Philippines united.

Toycon’s Exclusive Toys

One of the things you should anticipate are the exclusive toys that will come out of Toycon.

This year there will be more exclusive toys that will come out in Toycon. And if t you are a toy collector, it will be one of those moments that you can call heaven sent.

Toycon’s Toy Designers Line-up Gets Bigger

When there are exclusive toys not far behind are the Toy Designers. There will be more local and international toy designers that will grace this year’s event.

As if exclusive toys are not enough, you are getting spoiled here.

Toycon’s International Influencers Guests

The era of influencers is here. Toycon is giving the community the taste of the future and beyond. There will be international influencers that will step into the massive doors of the undisputed Comicon of the Philippines.

Toycon’s International Artists

The international artists are a staple of Toycon. You have to watch out for the international artists. For now, the guessing game continues.

Toycon’s Pop Music Fest

We love music, who does not? This year, a popular Japan rock band in collaboration with one of our local legendary band will hit the stage of Toycon.

But more the two bands, other idol groups are also joining the fray.

You will rock your heart out, guaranteed!

Toycon’s Toy, Comic and Gaming Exhibition!

Toycon’s line-up of exhibitors just got bigger. And more international brands are coming to town.

So start saving and ready your collection instinct, because you will need that this year!

Toycon – It’s a New Playground

Toycon is proving indeed it is a new playground. And you definitely are part of the reason why?

So cheers and always check out the Toycon facebook page and the website for more updates.

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