Online Conference Management in the Philippines

Monday, June 01, 2020

Online Conference Management Philippines

The current pandemic force several associations and organizations to explore the digital space to continue their seminars, conferences, and expos. In the Philippines, Exlinkevents is one of the best partners to be your Online Conference Management.

Exlinkevents as your Online Conference and Exhibition Management Partner provides the following:

1. Attendee Engagement just like your face-to-face conferences.

You can engage the audience using live polls, session Q and A, Surveys, Session Feedback, Discussion Hubs.

2. Virtual Networking and Meet-ups

Attendees can make new connections with other attendees because of their all attendee profiles displayed. Attendees are also allowed to create virtual meet-ups and private chats to form deeper connections. 

In fact, virtual business card exchange is included paving the way for future communication.

3. Virtual Conference at the palm of your hands and click of your mouse. 

Your program will be streamed and recorded video will be shown in one location in the digital space.

It is like being inside the same room like everyone else. No need to use other applications.

Exlinkevents as your Online Conference Management partner has other value-added. So if you are looking to continue or create your online conference this year, contact

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