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Sunday, January 10, 2021

This year it is time for you to reach another level of engagement with your staff, target clients, partners, and stakeholders by creating virtual events.

Here are the 5 Virtual Events can create this year.


Webinars are a good way to engage your internal and external partners.
The webinar is a type of event that allows you to share information and keep your target audience informed.

Best if your webinar is one hour long and allows attendees to engage the speakers.

Online Conference

Last year there are several online conferences that took place. From these conferences, we learned that a maximum of 4 hours with engagement programs squeezed and added inside the 4-hour conference per day can hold the attention of the delegates.

Breakout rooms are great for focused and specialized topics that allow the delegates to have the freedom to choose those that are aligned with their interest.

Online Exhibition 

Notwithstanding the cost, there are some exhibitions held last year. The transactions between buyers and sellers are there but it may take time for the two parties to get the hang of it.

Still, there is a bright future ahead. Two takeaways last year is to create an attractive design for each booth and make the communication faster or seamless. 

Yes, exhibitors must be on their feet to reply immediately to inquiries.

Reunions and Social Gathering

Last year, the pandemic failed to stop groups and associations to pursue online socialization.

It was very successful. There are a lot of these events last year. This goes to show the resilience of humanity.

Best if you can invite comedians, known singers, and dancers. Breakout rooms are a hit to those wanting to get away from the online maddening crowd.

Online Election

You can conduct an online election with integrity and transparency. You can select a new set of officers that are legitimate. Best of all, you can generate a huge number of voters in your association and groups.

This is the power of online election. There may be some individuals who do not trust the system at first but give them orientation and answer all their questions in the end they will agree that it is a great alternative to an election requiring physical presence.

In Summary

There are other online events that you can create to push forward your business. The growth and enhancements of online events technology are huge. 

There are several learnings from last year that will contribute to a more effective and efficient virtual event this 2021.

Do not miss the bus, the time to start planning and creating your virtual event was yesterday ( if you know what we mean  :) ).

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