Registered Marketing Professional Review Set this May 2021

Saturday, May 01, 2021


The Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) Review for the September certification exam of the Success Institute Philippines - an accredited Junior Achievement of the Philippines Review Center is set this May 15, 2021.

The RMP certification is a certification for marketing professionals and other professionals who wanted to build their career in marketing or want to know gain mastery of the basic concepts and frameworks of marketing.

According to JA Philippines:

The RMP Certification Program was conceptualized to fill the need for skilled marketing graduates. Companies feel that the skill level of marketing students has gone down and that they need a certification program that will ensure that who they are hiring have the necessary skills to do the job.

The program aims to help companies find the right people, regardless of the school affiliations, which is often the criterion used in hiring new graduates. It also hopes to guide schools on what skills are currently in demand in the field and make the necessary changes in their curriculum.

More importantly, it aims to raise the bar of excellence among marketing students and to help them regain confidence in the corporate field. It also hopes to identify problem areas in their skill levels and knowledge, which they can use to improve themselves and in turn, increase their employability.

RMP Certification Program

The RMP Certification Program is a certification examination developed by top industry practitioners and reputable academic partners, Pearson Higher Education and Mc-Graw Hills Education. It measures marketing students’ knowledge, analytical skills, creativity, and problem-solving ability through a theoretical exam and case analysis.

The examination covers six subject areas: Marketing Management; Sales and Sales Management; Services Marketing; Advertising: Integrated Marketing Communication; Brand Management; and E-Marketing.

Register at to be part of the RMP Review Classes.

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