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Tuesday, January 11, 2022


We, Event Management Professionals, have a hard time in most of our events.

Not because we do not know what we are doing but because it is the nature of events. There are unexpected things that are bound to happen.

When the worst things happen, some of our colleagues blew their top and lost control of steering the event in the right direction.

This is a disaster!

But if you are calm because of your maturity and experience in the event management profession, you will be able to handle the pressure.

Murphy's Law is our best friend ( you heard it correctly!).

Murphy's Law allows you to prepare for different scenarios. It also allows you to manage and calibrate your emotions. 

The key is to manage your emotions. If you can, when things go awry, you will not be part of the problem, but a solution provider.

Life and events are very much the same. When things are going bad, you do not need to aggravate it further. You need to plug the hole and remove the pain points.

As event management professionals, we should always be failing forward and proactive in handling an exciting but challenging event in our hands.


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