One of the Top Secrets of a Success Event Organizer is...

Friday, January 07, 2022


  1. “Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.” – Henry Ford

If you observe closely successful event organizers you will see one thing common to all of them - they are solution finders.

Being in the event management industry is no walk in the park. This is aggravated by the current pandemic. The clients are expecting a lot from you. You cannot let them down. It runs in your territory.

You do a lot of pre-event preparations just to ensure that you execute to the littlest details the requirements of the event. But there are moments that Murphy's Law is at work. When this situation takes place, instead of being paralyzed, you are bound to act.

This is where you separate the losers from the winners. Those who have a fixed mindset blame the glitches and errors on other people. 

In these moments of difficulty, you need to rack your brain and have the presence of mind to be part of the solution. You are paid to offer a remedy to a pain point. 

The thin line of coming up with a solution versus giving up is staring at your face. A wrong decision makes you lose a client. The right decision or solution gives you a client that will be forever thankful and a source of limitless income.

The main takeaway of these powerful words of Henry Ford for event professionals like you - always keep moving forward and always keep finding solutions to the numerous challenges that the exciting world of the events management industry brings.

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