No. 58 Best Event Management Blogs in the World for Year 2022

Friday, August 12, 2022

Thank you Feedspot for this great news!

As this blog proved, evergreen content is critical to your blog's success.

Second, it is not about thinking about getting accolades that will make your blog successful. It is the passion and purpose of creating the blog - these two are the key ingredients.


Passion gives you the unrivaled energy to create content in your chosen field, in this case, events management.

Since passion is a surge of energy that will never last, purpose comes in. Your purpose is the main driving force to make you write even if sometimes you feel this is not going anywhere. 

The purpose is your lamp during the darkest nights when you cannot see the road you are traversing.

Passion and Purpose are not only true in placing this blog to where it is now.  I have been in the events management industry in the Philippines for more than two decades or 22 years to be exact!

This is what passion and purpose can do for you.

Again, thank you #Feedspot, and most of all, to the readers who find value in what is written here or on the website. 

Cheers to more value-adding content here.


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