Event Management Productivity Tip 1

Friday, November 04, 2022


"Your net productivity is the balance of the productive and unproductive forces in your life.

A great deal of time and energy is spent thinking about how to increase effort, but there is a lot to be gained by reducing friction.

A car will travel faster not only if you press the accelerator, but also if you remove the speed bumps." 

This is coming from James Clear, author of the best-selling book Atomic Habits.

As an event manager, you are swamped by a lot of event concerns. There are so many details that you have to cover and coordinate.

In the end, you are paralyzed or overlooking what matters most.

If you will heed the call of James Clear, he mentioned the productive and unproductive forces battling for your attention. And the way to deal with unproductive forces is to manipulate them. By making its presence away from your attention.

Create a space where you will not encounter these unproductive forces, and remove the friction and speed bumps.

Better yet, allot time for these unproductive forces. Most of the time these unproductive forces are your me time to relax and rejuvenate. Use being productive and finishing a task as your signal to reward yourself and be unproductive.

Our success as event managers is hinged on what we do and what we do not do. They are inseparable.



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