5 Cs of Event Management in the Philippines

Thursday, February 09, 2023

Planning to create an event in the Philippines? Here are the 5 Cs of event management in the Philippines that you must keep in mind to create a successful event.

These 5 Cs will allow you to get closer to your vision.

1. Concept:  What is your event concept. This is the starting point that you must answer to help you plan your event. 

The concept must also include your WHY? Why are you doing this event and who are the stakeholders that will benefit from the event?

2. Cost: Let us be real? What is your budget for your event? What resources do you need to make it work? 

However great your concept is, you must ensure that you have the budget to make it into reality.

Sometimes your vision is too far from the budget you have. Be conscious of this area so that you can meet your expectations.

3. Communication: Marketing communication is essential to publicize and promote your event.

If people are not aware your event exists they will not come!

Effective communication will allow you to connect and convince your target audience to come in large groups to your event.

4. Catering: Selection of catering, food, and beverage options.

Let us say you got all passing marks in all critical areas to make your event successful but you err on providing the food and beverage the audience is looking for.

Guess what, your event is still a failure. Most of the events are judged by the food and beverage that the event provided.  

Therefore, be generous and meticulous in the area.

5. Coordination: The coordination of the various elements, vendors, and teams that come together to make the event happen.

A great team makes the dream work. An organized team skilled in coordination makes the impossible possible.

Now that you know the 5 Cs of Event Management it is time for you to create the event you always wanted to have.

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