The Best Event Planners are like Conductors of an Orchestra | Event Management Philippines

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

"The best event planners are like conductors of an orchestra, bringing all the different elements together in perfect harmony."

The job of an event planner or event manager in the Philippines is tough. It is similar to being a musical conductor.

First, you are the leader of the team. If a musical conductor is the head of many musicians, you, as an event planner, are the leader of different event staff performing in different areas of the event.

As a leader, you must know the strengths and weaknesses of your team to create great harmony, akin to what a musical conductor does.

Second, an event planner is like a  musical conductor because he must be a skilled coordinator. There are many elements involved in a musical concert. The event planner is also confronted with many event elements that he must ensure are all placed in their proper area.

Last but not least, event planners, like musical conductors, must adapt to sudden changes and surprises. Events like musical concerts do not go as planned most of the time. 

The event planner must always be on his feet. Advanced in his thinking, ready to make quick decisions in order to reach the goal of having a successful event. The event planner simulates the way of a musical conductor. Changing his baton direction and, depending on the changes happening during the show's flow and band members' musical harmony.

In the end, event planners are like musical conductors, both savor the sweet music of success and adulation of attendees and clients. 



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