How to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere in Your Event Management in the Philippines

Thursday, March 16, 2023


One of the challenges in event management is creating an atmosphere where delegates will feel welcome. It is a challenge to make them feel they belong and not an isolated island in the midst of faceless and nameless attendees.

Here are some tips to create a welcoming atmosphere:

1. Be a Great Host

The first time they step into your event venue, be ready to smile and greet them. This will warm their hearts. Nobody can’t resist a smiling person approaching and greeting you while ready to assist you in helping you have your seat at the event.

Also, find time to explore the room and talk to your attendees. Just imagine the venue is your house and your attendees are your guests. Striking a conversation or small talk removes the uneasy feeling of attendees. Eventually, they will be comfortable and show their bubbly self or step away from being shy to being friendly.

2. Create a Speed Networking 

Most Filipinos are shy by nature. Even if they are professionals, only a few people have the ability to start a conversation. Therefore, when you place speed networking in your program, attendees are forced to break the ice and approach other people because they were given permission.

Your attendees will surely love this. They may even believe this is the best part of your event.

3. Prepare for Group Workshops

Group Workshops allow attendees to work together. In the process of the workshop, they are avail to get to know each other while benefiting from an output-based conversation.

Group Workshop creates a dynamic bond for all attendees. Best of all, it is a great way to learn more things.

There are other great ways to create a welcoming atmosphere for your attendees. The key here is always to make this one of your priorities.

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