The Importance of Creating Lasting Impression in Events

Friday, March 24, 2023


"A successful event is not just about meeting the objectives, but also about creating a lasting impression on the attendees."

Let us say you achieved your revenue target because of the event you created. However, the attendees have a bad experience. Do you think that your event will have a repeat because of this?

We all know the answer to this question. 

It is important that more than meeting your event objectives like sales, revenues, and brand awareness, you also give importance to the impressions that your attendees will have because of what they experienced from your event.

A lasting impression can be because of how the attendees were treated during the event. If you let them feel they are VIPs, they will conclude that you really care about their needs.

A lasting impression can also be the proactive and creative networking space you provided to your attendees. People attend events to belong and expand their network. If you are able to serve as their bridge to other people they will appreciate your event.

A positive experience by attendees will provide emotional goodwill to your event. They will spread the word about how great your event is because of the feelings they generated from being part of it.

In summary, beyond the profit-centered key performance indicators, focus also on the emotional ROI that your attendees will gain from your event.   


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