National Youth Commission Endorses Filnegosyo Expo October

Monday, September 17, 2007

The National Youth Commission, the leading government arm for developing our youth endorses FIL-NEGOSYO Expo, October 23-28, 2007.

The endorsement signifies the importance of FIL-NEGOSYO as one of the events where the youth's interest on entrepreneurship can grow.

FIL-NEGOSYO EXPO is on its fifth run. The event is organized by Megatrade, SM Megamall and managed by EX-LINK Management and Marketing Servces Corp.

Event media partners are Asenso Pinoy T.V., OFW Ngayon, Business Mirror, Business World, Graphic Magazine, Manila Times, Entreprise Magazine, 88DB.Com, Yehey!, Web Philippine, Energy FM and NU107.

For bookings and promotional opportunities call 643-3887 or email

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