Trade Show Marketing

Monday, September 17, 2007

The recent issue of Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines cited Tradeshow as an effective tool in the following Promotion Strategy: Personal Selling, Sales Promotions and Public Relations.

This shows how versatile and effective Tradeshow Marketing.

But other than this information, Tradeshow Marketing is proving to be the emerging tool of choice for : experiential marketing - a term coined for allowing your products and services be experienced by your consumers. This is in line with the " branding" issue that our products and services face.

The increased budgets of the bigger companies in "below-the-line" promotion, which includes tradeshows, is a clear indication of the appreciation of how effective the tool is.

Now that you know this, I strongly suggest that you include tradeshow in your marketing plan and make it as an integral part of your marketing strategy.

For tradeshow promotion opportunities and sponsorship call tel # 643-3887 or email :

'til next time.


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