events is here to stay

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

As I watched the daily unfoldings in my country, I notice that events which is the industry I am in is robust. For the past six months, a lot of important, annual and ground breaking events have taken place. Majority passed the metrics of success that we are using.

It seems that one of the strategy that majority of the companies may it small or big is event. They are all working hard to make their relationship with their clients stick! They are bonding with their customers and non-customers in an attempt to hold them and get their loyalty to enable them to survive the tough times.

Budgets in advertisement is contracting but budgets for memorable events are expanding or unchanged. Most especially, business events like trade shows and expos are getting a lion share.

Even compared against online advertisement, in the Philippines events are way above if not above of online advertisement ( I still don't have a data for this but what I have are personal encounters with online sales and marketer and event organizers and managers).

The growing inclination to hold more events in this trying times proved that people wanted to gather and allay their fears and insecurities. Events gives comfort and relationship that each and one of us very much need today. This realization is what the companies are banking on.

Yes, events is here to stay!

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