Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An exciting event is coming to town. An event that is focused on teaching future entrepreneurs on the workings of Global Trade.

Even though at this point in time export and import is battered by the economic crisis, there is no way but up as the requisites for normalization are being addressed.

In the Philippines, entrepreneurship is going strong. Despite the crisis, there are a lot of small business that sprouted all over the country. These small business have the potential to make an impact in the global arena.

The Global Young Entrepreneurs Summit will answer important questions on how to go about Global Trade and Business. Participants of this event will have an edge compared to others. Prominent speakers coming from PHILEXPORT, PCCI, Marketing and Exporters will provide important know how to students.

Global Young Entrepreneurs Summit is a project of Junior Achievement Philippines. The event happens on July 28,2009 at PTTC.

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