Sunday, November 08, 2009

I miss this space.

It is a universe of a different plane. The busy world around me prevented me from visiting this sanctuary. Not that I am complaining. It is not like that but talking to myself through this medium is long overdue. Being alone and just thinking about the silence and digging deeper into the recessess of my mind is a journey I always enjoy and look forward ( although this opportunity seldom happens).

For the past few months I work and move like a blur. So many meetings that at this point I am thinking if its worth it. So many talks that I am thinking is it worth the effort. So many out of the office and home ventures that I am thinking is it worth if those time is spent with my family.

I guess reality in my time so fast that all the people around are moving crazy that also forces me to move crazy.

I don't mind if I am inside of this reality but right now I am looking for an epiphany. I am waiting for a burst of enlightenment. I am and I will wait for this time.

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