3 Precious Lessons I Learned from Toy Story 3

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last Sunday was Father’s Day and oh boy the traffic in Julia Vargas Avenue is so horrible it's tail went as far as C5 Rd. So while I am on the driver seat contemplating why we have this kind of Sunday, I resigned to the truth that all fathers are going out of their way to treat or be treated by their families.

After waiting for almost an hour and finishing a plastic pack of Nagaraya, we reached the mall of our destination. A sigh of relief covered my face after the ordeal. The left part of my body is almost numb because of the shifting movements I must do to interchangeably push the break and clutch pedal (Oh well a small discomfort for this kind of celebration).

We went to church and after it comes the moment we all have been waiting for - to watch Toy Story 3. It’s been quite a while, if I do recall, watching Toy Story 1 and 2, so I am very curious how the plot develops on its third serving. I am also nervous that my expectations for the movie will not be met and I will end-up regretting the day’s celebration which is for people of my kind.

Again, we encountered long lines, but luckily because of the Citibank promo I ended lining-up to a lane for this purpose only, and thank God, it is very short and comfortable. I feel sorry to those who have to battle lines that are 30 to 40 people deep just to have a ticket – but that is another story.

I and my family proceeded to watch Toy Story 3; I can only express happiness for reconnecting again with Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the gang. It is hilarious (I remember laughing many times in different scenes), and dramatic (I try to avoid being drown into sadness, however the scenes crafted for this emotions are so powerful I can't help but be swept away).

After watching the movie, there are 3 important lessons that was etched into my mind:

1. Family Stick Together No Matter What

Wood, Buzz and the rest of the gang are a family. Despite the situation that was given to Woody, he never left his family even if the opportunity to be with Andy, who is going to college,  is a very enticing proposition.

The sense of family shown in Toy Story is very applicable to organizations. In an organization, most of the time, there is no blood connection but if members of the group stays together to pursue the goals agreed upon, in the end everything will be fine, just like in the movie. Goals are achieved and members are happy.

2. Loyalty and Being Responsible Goes Together

Despite Andy’s biological changes, Woody remained loyal to Andy as a toy even if he is seldom being played anymore by Andy. He also shows that his Loyalty means that he must defend Andy to the criticisms of his “family”. He showed that you can only be loyal if you performed the role assigned to you responsibly.
In this situation being a responsible part of Andy's toy. For these traits, Woody was rewarded and Andy's most favorite toy.

As members of an organization, we are put to test with our loyalty be performing the duties that we have responsibly. We cannot declare that we are loyal to our company or family then stab them at the back by criticizing them to non-members of the organization.

Just like in the telenovela Queen Seon Dok, followers of the opposing power holders follow and perform their assigned duties for their leaders.

Simply put, we can never declare ourselves loyal if we will not perform our responsibilities.

3. Changes is inevitable, Adaptation is necessary

When Woody and Buzz’s group accepted that they must move forward because of the changes that took place with Andy, a better opportunity fell into their hands. They found a new owner that will love them the same way they were loved by Andy.

In life, changes is inevitable and the faster we embrace it the better we can see the opportunities that changes bring to fore.

There are other lessons that I have learned in watching this very enjoyable movie. All the hassles that we encountered before watching this movie are erased and trivial because of the benefits that we reaped.

No wonder Toy Story 3 is the number one movie to date worldwide.

There is only one thing that I disagree in the movie, the part where Ken declares he is not a girl’s toy (LOL). Just kidding.

I suggest that you should watch this movie. It is one event that your attendance is a must!

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