3 Reasons Why Face Time Matters

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I was once asked if face time matters in the midst of the proliferation of digital promotion. Can we forego meeting face-to-face in this background where a chat is possible, everyone is just an email away, facebook and other social media is so popular?

Having appreciated this question and changes in our social conditions I arrived on 3 reasons why face time still matters.

They are as follow:

1. Engagement – true engagement at that can only take place when two persons meet. There is this transaction that is very special whenever physical meetings take place. Someone creates a special bond with another person thru physical meeting. Prejudice is eliminated when you are given an opportunity to know the person on firsthand experience.

I cannot imagine creating a deep engagement thru twitter or other digital platforms.

2. Spontaneity – Interaction becomes fun and intimate because there is spontaneity. Email is a contemplated response. So does other digital media. Even chat or I.M. is contemplated response most of the times.

Spontaneity is that Special Moment that takes place during face time. It is a moment where you really have the opportunity to veer away with the actual topic and ask other topics in order to navigate the holistic properties of an individual.

There is nothing more exciting than spontaneity that leads to deeper trust.

3. Relationship – since I have mentioned trust. Trust is the prerequisite for a meaningful relationship. We can never replace the warmth and power of a handshake. Two different hands touching each other are not only symbolical but very visual as to what is taking place between two people.

Even eye contacts made by two people with each other or an exchange of laughter caused by a simple banter can never be replaced by our simple tapping of keyboards or video cam encounter (most of the times moving in a slow motion).

Something is lost in the digital plane that humans possess during face time. This very special something that is carried by the 3 reasons I mentioned makes face time a compelling activity that we must never lose or give-up because of the ease that digital platforms offer us.

In the world of business, in particular in establishing our relationship with our clients and partners there is nothing like face time.

Yes, meeting a person face-to-face despite the challenge of a sweltering heat is most beneficial in creating a long lasting relationship and business venture.

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