Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This might be a bit of stretch but if ever PNoy and those businessmen in the upper echelons of our society may allow, I propose that we create new infrastructure landmarks that will welcome the Philippines to the 21st century.

Again, this might be a wishful thinking given the big budget deficit that falls on Pnoy’s lap. But it might help if we try to push ourselves in creating something impossible possible.

There are ways to make these happen provided our leaders with vision WILL IT.

A new landmark like the Capital Gates of Dubai which has overshadowed the leaning tower of Pisa has provided a spring of confidence and pride to the nation and the people of Dubai.

Yes, we do have old and historical landmarks. But this is a different matter. These old landmarks belong to the past, worth coming back but it does not assist in projecting a fresh future for our country.

New landmarks will do the job. It will give a huge boost to the confidence of the Filipino people. It will shout to the world that we are coming to join the party of the developed countries.

I watched PM Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia on History Channel telling stories about how he assisted in creating a landmark for Malaysia that stoke the fire of achievement to his people – I am talking about the Petronas Tower.

We in the Philippines can and must aspire to emulate our Asian neighbours in this aspect.

We must create landmarks for the future. Landmarks that will add more sheen to our history and psychologically help us aspire for a higher life and well-being.

I once have a chat with a colleague, she said that during that time when the PICC was built it was the envy of our Asian neighbours. To date, there no other landmarks yet that will cause other countries to give us a second look. There is a no landmark to cause positive feelings to our people.

I propose that we create now that landmark that will bring us back to the map of the world.

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