7 Reasons You Should Join Leadership Circles

Monday, June 28, 2010

It is hard to find eagles in our midst. If you found one do not ever let it go. If you are one, you need other eagles to sustain the heights that you have scaled or else the wind will knock you down.

This is the ordeal of being a leader, we always give to others but when it is our time to be filled we find it difficult to look for those that will fill us. As the saying goes, “you cannot give what you do not have”.

Luckily, there is an event happening this coming July 6, 2010 at Asian Institute of Managements. The event is “Reach Your Full Leadership Potential with Leadership Circles”. It is happening from 6pm to 9pm where you get share a seat with leaders like you and discuss leadership issues and how to go about it.

It is not a pedagogical exercise but a sort of sharing experiences coming from others is in a different industry. There will be creative fusion – this is a guarantee.

There are 7 reasons why you should be here:

1. Learn and share experiences from an intimate and interactive environment with members who have YOUR same interests!

2. You will gain fresh insights on leadership growth

3. You will be able to practice your mentoring and coaching skills

4. You will receive mentoring and coaching from other leaders as well

5. You can regularly reignite your excitement to lead

6. You can experience one-on-one executive coaching from the facilitator upon request (with a fee should it entail a longer discussion)

7. You need a circle of leaders that you can regularly connect with and get a third opinion on ideas

If you want to know details of this event, you may call tel # 643-3887.

Again, no man is an island and leadership is not an overnight endeavour but a continuing journey that can be enjoyable if you have other leaders to share your success, and learn from their success too

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