P-NOY and Leadership

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The inauguration today of P-Noy is all about a fresh start for a country tired of the nine years of inept service by the past government.

All of the Filipino people pro-Noynoy or anti-Noynoy pin their hopes that a positive change will radiate in our country. I, too, am hoping for such change.

From P-Noy’s speech there are signs of bringing governance sensitive to the common people’s needs. Saying is a very different matter from acting it to be a reality, I wish that hindrances from making this much awaited concept of government for the people, and by the people be removed and eliminated on P-Noy’s ascendancy as our leader.

However, much to the high expectations we are putting on P-Noy’s shoulder, I wanted everyone to be realistic that this country is made up of 90 million people, and we cannot just entrust it to one man. Leadership must emanate from above and below, from everywhere to anywhere.

We have a duty to be a leader ourselves in running this country towards our dream of a Developed Philippines.

P-Noy will just set an example of how to be a leader in making a positive change in the country. We will collectively lead this nation. We have the supreme leader that as long as he is acting in accordance with the legacy of his father and mother, we can never get wrong.

Good luck President Noynoy Aquino may God give you all the gifts you need to steer this nation to greatness.

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