PNoy please Build an International Caliber Airport

Friday, June 11, 2010

Now that the dust of the election campaign has settled it is time to buckle down to work.

Base on all economic indicators, like consumer price index and GNP, all is looking up. However , before anything else. Before we are drown into celebration, I would just like to request that President Noynoy Aquino and his government should prioritize in creating an International Caliber Airport.

Yes! An Airport that will awe the tourist visiting in our country. An airport that will symbolize our resurgence as a country that will grab the economic opportunity the changing world offers.

Each time I go out of the country, there is always that gnawing feeling that our airport is one of those lagging behind our Asian neighbours and the world. I know the same sentiment is shared by other Filipinos who wanted to showcase how great our country is in terms of tourism and doing business here.

No wonder our tourist visitors last year is only at three million while our Asian neighbours generated as high as 14 Million.

It is not rocket science, if we do not have the facility and infrastructure to welcome visitors we will not have visitors. Tourist visitors that can promote our country thru world of mouth when they get back home to their respective countries. Business tourists that can be encouraged to set-up shop in our country.

Even our three million visitors are mostly comprise of Balikbayans. A sad reality that does not augur well to our country.

We are declaring that we are embracing globalization and yet we are not doing anything to improve the access of our country to the rest of the world who are very eager to get inside, provided there is ease of access and security.

President Noynoy I know that the past government will leave you a big budget deficit. But please do not make it as an excuse not to create an International Airport – the country’s welcome lobby to the world.

I once attended an event welcoming a new tourism official, she said that our country is the heart of Asia. I like that and I hope the rest of the world can personally know that the Heart of Asia truly is something worth seeking and immersing for.

But only if the heart provides an accessible door way for those willing to enter – an Airport that is.

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