Salamat Papa!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today is father’s day and I always recalled my father and how he contributed big to what I am today. His sacrifices are soo many that I know I owe him a lot. Although, I wish that we could have been emotionally closer like what I am to my kids (kissing the kids and motivating them to aspire, mind you they are boys). I know that we have a different situation on being a father so I cannot compare how our style.

But my father performed his role to me and I can never ask for more. He drilled in me the importance of education. Most especially, when he is drank, he always murmur the importance of education saying, “ tanging pag-aaral mo lang ang maipapamana namin sa iyo”. It stucked on me and in my heart I know I have to perform well in school.

One of the painful but sweetest experiences that I had with my father is waiting for his jeep so I could ride going to school and asked for my baon. It was a very sweltering afternoon, I patiently waited for him. After almost waiting for an hour, he came by and I wave. I embark on his jeep and sat beside him.

My heart was crumpled and taken aback; my father’s t-shirt is drenched in sweat because of the heat. He looked dead tired because of the humidity that even when he smiled upon seeing me it is a smile of someone who has no choice but to have his kind of work just for me and my siblings to go to school.

I can only pressed his hand and give his soaked towel to lessen the perspiration imprisoning his whole body. I kissed him in his head (one of the few times that I did it to him) and disembark confused on what I just witnessed and felt.

That particular day made my resolve to finish my schooling etched in stone.

Past forward today, I still vividly recall that scene. I know my father is proud of me and I am proud of my father. I have gone through a lot of challenges and I used him as my strength. Almost always I have come-out of the challenges as a victor.

Today is Father’s Day it is time to call him again, greet him and says, “ Salamat Papa”.

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