VMobile Technologies Joins Negosyo Power Expo

Monday, June 21, 2010

VMobile Technologies Incorporated – a subsidiary of Penta Capital Group of Companies who also runs LoadXtreme joins Negosyo Power Expo, slated this August 20-22,2010 at Trinoma Mall.

VMobile Technologies will showcase the Universal Prepaid Loading System in the exhibit. An E-Business that allows all pre-paid products and services into your loadwallet that caters to all cellphone and internet users.

VMobile Technologies offers a portable business that requires only a minimal capitalization. Best of all, you can bring the business everywhere you go.

As of the moment, VMobile Technologies has 26,000 dealers and still growing. It is a business that is providing earning opportunities to homemakers, students and employees that are looking for extra income.

V Mobile Technologies features the following :

• The FIRST and Revolutionary Way in prepaid products distribution and marketing.

• The FIRST Contactless Stored Value Card for MRT is the AXS Card launched by Vmobile Technologies, Inc. July 19, 2008

• The FIRST Universal e-loading with Data Center

To become part of VMobile Technologies you may visit Negosyo Power Expo and engage with the many representatives that are waiting to show you the wonderful earning opportunities that it offers.

For more information about Negosyo Power Expo call tel # 643-3887 or 640-1280.

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