Booming People Development Events

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I don’t know what is going on but it seems that organizations are racing against time to develop and grow their people. I said this because I have observed that there is a growing need for events that provides knowledge on how to develop people and talents.

If some say there is a glut they are totally wrong! I talked to one organizer and the demand is so high that he was forced to push thru with another event that is out of his calendar of events just to cater to the demands he is receiving.

At this point, I am only talking with big events like conferences. In fact this year, there are four big events happening to answer and provide knowledge on people management or human resource management.

If we go to public workshops and seminars there are a very large number of these happening every day, not to mention that some big companies that can afford to hold it in-house.

So what does this trend say to us? For one, we have a people problem that we need to address. Second, we are constantly searching on how to improve productivity in the workplace. Third, people are in a constant flux that we need to be abreast on their dynamics and prevent or prognosticate the best way to manage them and bring out their full potential.

I am overjoyed at what I am seeing in this particular landscape, the thirst for knowledge and understanding Being is placed on one of the highest ladder in the corporate environment. This is good or so good.

Lastly, in the conference event perspective meetings like these among people contribute to the growth of the MICE industry. Sometimes when I read foreign newspapers I can’t help but wonder why some of our people or HR events are better in content when we are still nowhere near part of the developed nations.

On the other hand, I admonish some groups who create events with poor content and speakers. It becomes pretty obvious that they are in only to take advantage of the market and make money.We should stay alert and raise our early warning device when we see events like these.

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