The Need for Symbols

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just before it gets totally out of my head and completely forgotten I must share to you why I enjoyed reading “Catching Fire” of Suzanne Collins her sequel to the equally blockbuster “Hunger Games”.

It has been almost three months since I finished this book but many developments prevented me for giving my say to this nice piece of work.

Anyways, “Catching Fire” as a story shows the importance of symbols. In Katniss Everdeen’s universe she has become a symbol to oppressed people of different districts in Panem. Her insignia the Mockingjay, a hybrid of a mocking bird and a jabber jay, has become her representation, a symbol of their support to the uprising that is about to take place because of Katniss unconscious but witty action in the first book “Hunger Games” where she defied the authoritarian regime of Panem.

This show of defiance stokes the fire of rebellion and the Mockingjay insignia became a symbol of the revolution and of hope in toppling the oppressive regime.

We saw the power of symbols in Da Vinci Code and immediately fell in love with Robert Langdon. Even in the movie American Treasure we fell in love with Nicholas Cage character. In real life, the color yellow symbolizes hope and catapulted PNOY to power in the Philippines.

I know this may have been discussed a lot of times but in events one of the ingredients to make it successful are symbols that create connections with its target audience. One of the symbols or the most important symbol of all is the logo of the event. It maybe trivial to some but to those who knows well a logo that sinks inside the target markets consciousness create a very formidable contribution to the positive results of the event.

Symbols cannot be encapsulated by a number of beautifully stringed words. It lives and grows inside each and every attendee in an event or expo.

This is why I am very thankful for”Catching Fire” for reaffirming in me what I have already known. Now I am in a waiting mode as to when will the third sequel of the book will land in the Philippines that will be one of the best days of my life in the year 2010.

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