Goodluck Sec. Alberto Lim

Thursday, July 01, 2010

In the Tourism Industry, the excitement cannot be contained as to who will be the new DOT Secretary. Alas, P-Noy announced that the new steward of the tourism industry is none other than Sec. Alberto Lim.

From the tourism congress newsletter, it was reported that he has a 38 years of experience engaged in business, government and civil society.

He won several local and international awards under his company Ten Knots Development for environmental conservation. He was also an executive director of the Makati Business Club, a very active business organization in the country.

Many are expecting that Sec. Alberto Lim will bring his private orientation in the government institution. This mindset will definitely benefit the tourism industry.

Secretary Ace Durano in his term contributed to jump starting the promotion of our country in Europe and other parts of the globe, although the 3.2 Million visitors are very small compared to Malaysia’s 24 Million visitors. Having said this, much works has to be done.

The start of a new dynamic with the inception of the Tourism Congress and the Philippine Tourism Board is another thing that is worth watching. Plus the call of P-Noy to strengthen our tourism that is clearly indicated in the first Philippine Marketing Plan.

All in all, there is so much to expect and to look forward too.

We have what it takes to be the darling of Asia but we have to work hard because other countries are strategically placing themselves as the magnet of tourists. Actually, we must work much harder because too much politicking have affected our tourism industry that we are considered as one of the laggards in the world.

Secretary Alberto Lim our prayers goes with you and we will be here to support any actions that you take in uplifting our industry. Secretary the odds are against us but we are Filipinos, we never give-up and we are already in the bottom level of the ladder so there is nothing to lose. We have only one way to go but up.

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