Kaya Mo Yan! - The Milo Marathon Event

Sunday, July 04, 2010

The battle cry is well written in everyone’s running shirt’s back, it will remind you each time you are about to give-up. There are 4,000 runners and on this fine day, each has reasons why they decided to participate in this great event.

I am talking about the Milo 34th National Marathon an annual event that exhibits runners and Filipino spirit of tenacity and bayanihan. This year the event is dedicated to giving shoes to less fortunate children in the provinces.

Each runner participating is equal to a pair of shoe to a child. I feel honoured that I have joined the event, that a child will have a shoes because of my participation is satisfying.

This is the reason we make this event an EXLINK event, all the members of the organization are obligated to join the event. It is an event that has a social call, and we can only say yes to this great call.

Of course, the branding of MILO in this event will go down to the deepest recesses of our hearts and minds because it is more that an event for profit. It is an exhibit of an organization that takes care and make sure that its social responsibilities are performed.

Congrats to the MILO Event Organizer! However, just one thing, I hope that the baggage counter will be orderly next year. Some of the EXLINK staff got trapped in the stampede because of this area.

Oh well, this minor improvement will not diminish the experience to be part of this event.

See you again next year!

This is a dream event for me. I will train to run in this distance, next!

The happy faces of some of the EXLINK participants

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