Tree500 2nd Run

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The first Tree500 Movement tree planting activity in Barangay Calawis,
Marikina Watershed, Antipolo City

I was zapping my remote control for T.V. at a frantic pace when I stumble with Disney Channel showing WALL-E, I watched it in the cinema with my family and watched it in DVD and yet here I am glued in the T.V. screen watching the movie for the 3rd time.

Why? You see I cannot help but fall in love with the love story of WALL-E and EVE. It is a relaxing love story. Second and most importantly, the story is about humans stranded in the outer space because the Earth is not liveable anymore.

In the story, humans have become lazy and fat because they have forgotten how to use their limbs resulting to atrophy of sorts. Also, humans are controlled by a supercomputer that is programmed to prevent them from going back to Earth.

I like the scene where the plant in a can is the key for the spaceship to be programmed back to Earth. It shows how important are plants and trees in our world. It shows how plants and trees is the most effective measure that Earth is liveable. The plants and trees disappearing spell humanity’s end. I know we all don’t want this to happen.

So having enjoyed WALL-E allow me to invite you to the second run of Tree500 Movement’s Tree Planting Activity this coming October 23,2010 at Barangay Calawis, Marikina Watershed, Antipolo City.

Tree500 Movement is an organization that aims to plant a minimum of 500 trees in every tree planting activity it conducts. It is also a tree planting activity that has a line-up of interesting activities other than tree planting (e.g. nature awareness orientation).

Right now, the focus of the movement is to increase bamboo tree in all riverbeds of the Marikina Watershed. Most especially, near the bridges of the communities residing around the watershed. It is said that bamboo trees are the most effective deterrent to soil erosion. Also, when it grows its roots spread as far as six meters and, since it is identified as related to grass, a single bamboo tree can produce many sub trunks forming a bigger and wider bamboo tree in its mature age.

I know I have said too much but I can’t help my excitement because the first tree planting activity was just last month and here we are again.

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