Run for Pasig shows the Filipino Heart

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

(Photo taken for
 Much have been said to the Run for Pasig event, all of them positive things. Still, I want to share my thoughts on this very inspiring and important event in our country. Run for Pasig shows that we will and can revive the long lost romantic tales of Pasig River. But more importantly, it shows and bears the heart of the Filipinos.
We are a country that is slowly reaching maturity on moving forward social issues. We are a country the is comprised of people who love our environment and our homeland.

Eclipsing a Guiness Book of Record is not the main highlight of this feat. The highlight is that we want you, the world who loves following us Filipinos, to know that our country is one country you will LOVE to Visit. It is a country where the people are fun loving and friendly to a fault.

The Filipino spirit is in full display in the Run for Pasig Event. This is a symbol that we wanted you - the world to see and share. We hope that you enjoy it and know us more by visiting and marvelling one of the friendliest and caring people in the world.

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