The PPTA Final Technical Meeting - Cast the Final Touches of the Convention

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last November 23, 2010 the Final Technical Meeting for the upcoming Philippine Physical Therapist Association (PPTA) National Convention, slated December 4-5, at Traders Hotel Pasay, was conducted.

It is a fun exercise.

The meeting is fun in the sense that all the planning that everyone discussed and agreed upon is already coming to its end – and boy an end that everybody is very excited about.

It is a dry run.

The meeting is a dry run of all the details things that must never be overlooked. All the salient points that must be noted and delivered during the actual event are discussed and re-discussed.

The final meeting for the PPTA working group took place in Traders Hotel and we are just very happy to be part of it, all the hard work is slowly in its final finishing touches ensuring that SUCCESS is not a distant dream but a reality that is about to happen this week.

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