A Good and Challenging Year

Monday, January 03, 2011

The smoke of the revelry welcoming the New Year has settled. The big tasks of making things a reality lies in our hand. In the events management, particularly exhibition the task of creating and offering a new and improved products start.

It is a difficult process. Even though there are available data of the past performances. The event management team must again come together and allow the creative juices flow in order to create something from without and assure that there is value on what was created.

Also, the exhibition team must consider the 3 Cs in crafting the new trade event. The 3 Cs are the Company, Client, and Competitor. This three dynamic elements changes and an near accurate reading of this 3 elements is critical in determining the success of the expo.

As an event’s organizer, I am very positive that this year is a good albeit challenging year. I see that new players will emerge and new concepts will be launch. But that is life and as organizers all we can do is to better ourselves and compete with ourselves the only competition that we must strive to seriously taken on.

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