3.3 Million Tourists

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A packed exhibition

The government plans to attract 3.3 Million tourist visitors in the country this year. Compared to Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia the target we set is small. However, since we are starting with a new administration and the issue of continuity is always a problem in our government I can say that the target is a decent one.

Now, if we are to focus on the 3.3 Million visitors I would suggest that we go for businessmen and investors to be the large chunk of this pie. These two segments can greatly benefit our economy because they have the spending power.

If all of us agree on this, the question now is how do we achieve it?

I say we must do big changes in our peace and order and promote to the world that it is safe here. Second, we must support our MICE industry. Let us create mega learning conventions and mega expositions. Last but not the least; let us focus on the first A in the 5As of Tourism that is ACCESS. We must open NAIA 3 for International Travel and eliminate all unnecessary taxes that make travelling in our country more expensive than going out of than going out of the country. Our secretary of tourism promotes Open Skies and hopefully the positive things about this policy will redound immediately.

3.3 Million Tourists for this year will be meaningful to our country they are quality tourists. It is time for a fresh start; let us cross our fingers for our country.

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