All Points Upward

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The increased arrival of foreigners in our ports and international flights last 2010 augurs well for our 2011.

It means there is confidence in our country. Now that simple but essential steps are being taken by the government, the outside world is taking notice.

The 3.45 Million foreigners that enter our main ports and the 6.4% or 3.59 Million passengers in our International Flights are indicative of a rosy year for us in 2011.

So what now?

I think that speaking in the exhibition and convention industry; we must make well and increase our events this year. Also, I read some interesting new products created by new organizers in the exhibition and convention industry; I pray that they become successful.

In our office, busyness is very prevalent. The skills of the members are also up a notch. Therefore we are ready to grab the opportunities and even create opportunities out of the positive things that are slowly taking shape in our country.

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