Guarded Tourism Growth

Friday, January 07, 2011

The recent Boracay controversy where a foreign couple was videotaped copulating in the beach is something that we should all be alarmed.

Yes, we wanted to increase our tourist visitors. We also acknowledge that Boracay is the most famous tourism spot in our country that it generates 650,000 tourists a year or about 22 percent of the total visitor traffic of the country. However, the disrespect to public sensibilities and moral values that our country upholds must be over economics. I fear the day that we have achieved economic progress but lost our souls.

In the theory of broken windows, practiced and made famous by then New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. A small wrongdoing not corrected will become a monster as time goes by. What Guiliani did was correct it immediately like repairing and apprehending people who broke window glass in an area in New York. When the public saw that there is police enforcement and broken windows are repaired immediately, the perpetrators suddenly disappeared and peace and order was restored in that particular area.

I say we do the same in this Boracay incident, act quickly and make strict enforcement of no sex on the beach rule. There are more important things that economic growth that is living decently.

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