Generate Sales - Event Managers and Tradeshow Organizers Challenge

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All surveys that we conducted indicated that exhibitor’s top priority is to generate sales. Event Managers and Tradeshow organizers must heed to this call of the clients. However, errors lie in this notion that clients want. They wanted to generate sales inside the venue of the event; exhibitors wanted more than or five times more sales in the actual event. There is nothing wrong with that except some exhibit sales happen after the expo or event.

Like the sales process, there are times that after you engage the clients onsite, you still have to make a follow-up to close the deal. In most of the cases this happen, a client closes the deal after the event, after the exhibitor or company showed that he/she is not only after a sales but a partnership.

This is what makes expo or events powerful, it provides a venue to engage clients and it eliminates cold calling and other cold approaches. After the event, the stage is set for a smooth and easy process of generating sales.


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