Why the Need for Event Managers

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I overheard in one boardroom, the management team in a heated discussion if the company should tap an event organizer.

This is a very long discussion but for starter we at EXLINKEVENTS have two interesting cases in our experience. The first, an organization has not held a convention for the past five years. Nobody in their group knows how to execute an event. Enter us in the picture and they have a successful event last year, well attended and have solidified their organization’s membership.

The second one, they have barely two and a half months to execute their event and yet nothing has been started yet. For practical thinkers it is a no brainer, you must cancel the event. But they tapped our services and what have you but one of the best event if not the best event the organization has ever had, this as feed backed by their officers and members.

I am not saying we are heroes and all powerful. What I am pointing out is that
these two cases gives one conclusion: event managers and event management in the Philippines is a necessity and a profession that must be handled by professionals.

What looks like easy is not. It may appear simple but the ramifications of the requirements in executing an event can place you in a labyrinth of no way out.

Therefore, as I recommend let us outsource this critical task to the experts because it is on its own a big and critical matter; and there are experts on event management who sleeps and breaths in running an event and making things happen.


EXLINK Onsite – a division of EX-LINK Management and Marketing Services Corporation is one such group that eats managing an event for breakfast so why not give us a call and leverage the group’s expertise.

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