The Speed of Trust

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Asia is all about relationships.

We do business but first we have to know the person we are dealing with. After this, it is the only time we start doing business with his company. There are some business deals in Asia that are made by handshakes. No contracts are needed to create a million pesos or dollar deals, Trust is the only thing needed to seal it.

I remember a story told that one of our tycoons who owns a bank was approached by his manager, the manager told him that one client wanted to borrow money but when he analyzed it the client has no capacity to pay.

But to the manager’s surprised, the tycoon said lend him money he have the capacity to return it and pay us.

The manager just scratched his head because the tools available like risk analysis and other technical analysis points otherwise. But since the tycoon is his boss he approved that the client be lent a huge sum of money. True enough it was paid by the client.

Trust is like an oil that seamlessly allow relationships and business to move in a blur. We all need to develop trustworthiness in order for us to survive this very complex world.

The same applies in event management in the Philippines, Trust can make or break an event!


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