Why Egypt Case is like an Events Management

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am a bit emotional.

It is like recalling the People Power Phenomenon in the Philippines. Egypt have done it! It is a miracle. It only says something that human spirit will triumph against evil.

But this write-up is not about politics, I am no expert of this matter.

This is about Egypt's case as being liken to Events Management. The parallel is very similar.

Like there is an issue to be solved in Egypt, in Events Management there is an issue also or objectives to be solved.

More importantly, there is magic when people gather together. In Egypt, people gather to topple a regime. In Events Management, people gather to create business, network, partnership, memories and a lot of things.

In Egypt and in Events Management what is important is being part of the MOMENT. 

This is the power of the MOMENT only Events can provide! 

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