3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Look and Feel Great Expo

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Look and Feel Great Expo

There are a lot of reasons to go and visit “Look and Feel Great Expo at Market, Market this April 15-16, 2011. However in the interest of your time we will zoom in on three BIG REASONS why you should be there.

1. Health Related Activities and Education

The event gives you a lot of very useful knowledge on different aspects of your health. We have a Laughing Yoga Session, Biggest Loser Awarding by Herbalife, Fashion Show by Herbalife,  Aerobic Session by Slimmers World, Health Education and Product Presentation by Pharmatrix, Look and Feel Great Dance Competition, Red Cross Health Education, Breast Cancer Prevention Education and a lot more to come.The activities are enough to whet your appetite for a healthy living.

2. Health, Beauty and Wellness Business Opportunities

There are a lot of business opportunities on this sunshine industry which is available during the two day event and if you want to enter and take part of this business you can begin the first step by visiting the expo.

Among the partial list of participants are San Miguel Coffee Mix, Philam Life, Herbalife, Victoria Towers, Earth and Style Corp., Moldex, Eton Properties, Pharmatrix, Intermed Marketing, Slimmers World, Crystal Powers, Variety Finds, Rhodesian Marketing, Carelink, Citibank, Excellente Marketing, Business World, Tarpographics, Netopia, Busybee, Asenso Pinoy, FAME Publishing and Filbars.

3. MY FREEBIES for the 11:00 am to 12:00nn visitors

This makes your time, education and opportunities available in the event worthwhile and exciting!

Yes ! Exciting because a lot of health products given by the sponsors are up for grabs to the early birds.

May I also remind you that you cannot be late because offers good while supply lasts and it’s on a first come, first serve basis only.

There you go the 3 reasons that make going into the event compelling and I hope I have convinced you to go there. If not I do not know what to say. Maybe you can make a comment and let me hear your thoughts on what makes an event compelling for you to come.

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