Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exlink Management and Marketing Services Corporation is a full service professional event management and tradeshow organizer in the Philippines.

For ten years, EXLINKEVENTS have honed its skills and passion for event management in the Philippines. It has served and managed numerous Associations and Societies in the country.

For ten years, EXLINKEVENTS have been a tradeshow organizer in the Philippines. It has produced and organized meaningful tradeshows that benefited Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

As the years have passed EXLINKEVENTS have been an active player in the professionalization of the industries it specializes on.

It is an active board member of Philippine Association of Convention, Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers (PACEOS), taking part in activities that further the interest and growth of organizers and the tourism industry.

It is also an active member of Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines (ASAP); a group that continuously upgrade the professionalization of the advertising events industry.

In addition, as an active member of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) it continuously practice ethics on the conduct of its marketing activities and have even sponsored upcoming marketers to attend for free the annual Strategic Marketing Conference and National Marketing Conference.

One of the highlights of its PMA membership is being an instrumental part of the recent World Marketing Conference in the exhibition component of the event.

Lastly, EXLINKEVENTS as an event management and tradeshow organizer in the Philippines is a member of Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) believing that business is the engine of growth to make the Philippines a first world country.

As a member of PCCI it will continue to spread the importance of event management and tradeshow organizing in helping other grow their business.

Indeed, EXLINKEVENTS will be here to stay and aims to be one of the most sought after event management and tradeshow organizer in the Philippines.

Aided by its mission, vision, core values and philosophy it will achieve what it sets to achieve.

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