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Monday, March 21, 2011

Starting a business or negosyo is majority’s dream in the country. Primarily, it is believed that by starting a negosyo one is able to provide a better life to his family. In addition, one is able to provide value to the society.

However, starting a negosyo and making it grow is another matter. A start-up entrepreneur must not only manage the business but must also strategize how to grow it. In this area, only a few have been able to enter the kingdom of success.

The common reason is the luck of budget to compete with big and established companies in promoting and marketing the business they are running. Although this may hold ground as a valid reason, still there are a lot of ways to slay Goliath or win the market you are targeting.

Events and Exhibition

In my recent meeting with the Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprise Development (BSMED), I noticed that they teach start-up negosyo how to join trade fairs and exhibition. Now why is this priority learning for beginners of business? Simply because events and exhibitions offer lot of promotion and marketing opportunities that beginning entrepreneurs can take advantage without being too costly or allotting a sizeable amount of budget.

Events and exhibitions allow a lot of advantage that starting negosyo can really use in expanding and be successful. I will just mention a few but may very well be the top benefits of events and exhibition.

Benefits of Events and Exhibition

1. The Best Promotion Showroom

If you do not have a presentable showroom for your future partners, events and exhibition gives you the chance to make a presentable showroom. This in many exhibitor stories I have heard have benefited a lot of business. In events and exhibition you are able to create visually stimulating merchandise that gives you credibility to buyers and partners.

2. Targeted Buyers and Partners

It is very costly to place an ad in the newspaper or T.V. just to generate clients. If you will just wait for clients then the probable outcome is that they will not come even if your product or service is remarkable. You really need to promote. Events and exhibitions give you the ready buyers and partners that will come to the day of the event and, hopefully, they visit your booth because you are the one they are looking for.

It is said that visitors that goes to the event are all hot leads for your company if it your business matches to their interest. Visitors in the event are easier to convince because their mere presence in the event means they have already invested time and effort in going to the venue, wading along the myriad of traffics and daily life distractions just to be in the event.

So the moment they approach and inquire on your booth, you give you best shot to convince them that you are the one they are looking for.

3. Cost Effective

Events and exhibitions do not cost you an arm or leg just to be a participant. It is very affordable and a wise investment.

You can even haggle for the price or get a discount if you book earlier to the event. Even if you are small company you can also get a bigger awareness mileage if you will become a sponsor or be part of the event programme.

Most importantly, after the event and one month has already elapsed you can measure immediately your ROI in the event. This is how fast and measurable is the investment in event and exhibition participation.

I am only talking about events in the context of you joining an expo, conference and exhibition to promote your business.

The event management in the Philippines as an industry is very wide. Two categories that you can also look into are mall exhibition and corporate event where you can maximize you promotion budget.

Again, as I have said there are other categories in the event management in the Philippines that you can still research and study if it will be beneficial to you negosyo.

However, one thing is for sure to grow you negosyo you need event and exhibition as a component for your promotion to attract clients and partners.


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