Monday, April 04, 2011

When I attend your event I am not only there to be educated, I am, also, there to be entertained. Or if in the case, you wanted to entertain me, I am not only there to be entertained, I also need to be educated. This is a challenge to conferences or special events – lines are now blurred between education and entertainment.

You do not want to see me yawning because I am so bored listening to your talk and irritated at looking on your PowerPoint presentation that you keep on reading and the fonts are too small I need a microscope to see it clearly (sorry for the exaggeration, I just want to make a point).

Yes, the audience, the crowd nowadays are tough and unforgiving. They have raised the bar on what event managers or organizers should do.

But life is a process of continuous improvements, and we should be up to feet and meet the challenges head-on and excited.

This is the reason why events are special because it must be special and it must create memories.

For convention, conference or a simple seminar, there is no other way but to EDUTAIN me!

# # #

Our first produced event of the year is just barely one week from now; we have prepared edutaining activities so I hope you could drop by. I promise we will continue our discussions about this interesting word.

The event is “Look and Feel Great Expo”, April 15-16,2011 at Market, Market, Taguig City. For more information, visit

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