How To Talk To Me During Events and Tradeshows

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Talk to me, it’s all I want from you. Talk to me like you mean it. Look into my eyes and listen when I speak. Listen intently. Listen and place yourself into my shoes. When you do this I also expect you to respond accordingly. You should be knowledgeable and you should be honest if you do not know the answers. We may share a few laughs and exchange banters that will remind me about you, as a distinct person, out of the many people that I will talk with.

Yes, talk to me and try to warm me up. Try to gain my trust. Only when you do this with sincerity will I part ways with my hard earned money. Only when I give my trust to you as a person will I give trust to the products and services that you are offering.

This is how we do business. This is the way business should be if we are aiming to exist in the long haul. Business is a marathon not a sprint. So do not rush me as if you just look at me as an ATM machine to get your income. Invest time and relationship and I will invest my resources on your business. Heck! I can even be your zealous disciple advocating that everybody try your products and services.

Now that you know what I want will you still talk to me?

# # #

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