IBLOG 7 - A Humbling Experience

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Howie Severino, one of the IBLOG 7 Speakers, gave a very engaging talk.

It was my first time to attend a bloggers event. Yes! I am not kidding. I have been into a lot of events; and every year, at a minimum, produce and manage 30 events. But attend a bloggers event was something new to me.

So here I am at the College of Law, University of the Philippines – the site of IBLOG 7, among the early birds, I am so curious and fidgety on what to expect with the crowd that will converge on this special event.
Guess what? It was fun and I get to meet and listen to some of the Gods of the Blogging Community. I thought that their over exposure in front of their PC have deprived them of their social skills – I was very wrong. In fact, they are very warm and friendly.

One of them that I am lucky to have encountered was Manuel Viloria (www.viloria.net), a veteran blogger with a big heart. You see he has been blogging, as I remember hearing from him, for over 14 years and yet is doing it out of his passion for writing and proving to the world that blogging is an effective medium to spread information. I think his point is as sturdy as an oak tree as shown by the explosion of blogs and the number of bloggers.

Of course, I saw a friend, Azrael Coladilla (azraelmerryland.blogspot.com), one of the Toycon organizers. I always look forward of attending Toycon because I will always be an eternal child in my heart craving for toys, CGI and Samurai CDs.

Why am I humbled by this experience? Well the speakers are great, the organizers are greater and the crowd are the greatest. Great for me means it has the element of WOW and AHA – I have a lot of these while swimming in this new psychic soup.

So this morning I am returning to IBLOG 7 to again savour this whiff of fresh air. I have no doubt I will be reinvigorated again.

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