Friday, April 01, 2011

EXLINKEVENTS as organization is expert in the following field of services. As client you may choose one or a variety of available services in order to make your realize and implement your events and allow you to enjoy and focus on big things that matter most.

A. Conference/Convention Services

1. Booth Set-up
2. Stage Design
3. Stage Management
4. Programme Management
5. Registration Management
6. Hosts
7. Usher/Usherettes
8. Entertainment Numbers
9. Opening Ceremony Management
10. Sponsorship Sales and Marketing
11. Attendees Sales and Marketing
12. Documentation Management
13. Conference/Convention Management

B. Tradeshow and Exhibition Services

1. Booth Set-up
2. Registration Management
3. Secretariat Management
4. Documentation Management
5. Sponsorship Sales and Marketing
6. Visitors Invitation
7. Tradeshow and Exhibition Management

C. Mall Promotion Services

1. Mall Promotion Exhibition
2. Mall Events Tour and Activation
3. Booth Design

D. Online Promotion

1. Email Marketing Promotion
2. Social Media Promotion

E. Other Services

1. Leasing Consultancy
2. Teambuilding Events
3. Speakers for Sales Rally or Seminars
4. Membership Marketing

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