The Search for 8 Outstanding OFW Spouses Launch

Friday, April 29, 2011

The OFW Phenomenon has led to a different face of the Filipino families where children are raised by single parents. There are cases that show this kind of set-up where one works outside of the country a dysfunctional family is created. Indeed, for spouses left in the country to take care of their children it is a great challenge to create a good family.

Recognizing the difficult task of maintaining and creating a good family despite the odds; and the need to show to the growing number of OFW families that achieving to have a good family is doable “The Search for 8 Outstanding OFW Spouses” was launch.

The Search for 8 Outstanding OFW Spouses will have its soft launch this May 5 at the Trinoma Activity Center.

The search aims to harness best practices by successful spouses in running an OFW Family in the following areas: money management and growing children to become good and productive citizens of the country.
According to Michelle Ballesteros, CEO of EXLINK Corp., “these aims will impact the OFW families, most especially OFW spouses, in learning from each other and feeding from the success of OFW spouses like them.”

The search penultimate day will be on March 2012 where the first 8 Outstanding OFW Spouses get to be recognized and given trophies and other fabulous prizes.
The event is produced and organized by EX-LINK Management and Marketing Services Corp. in partnership with different OFW organizations. For more information, call tel # 643-3887 or email


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