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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It can be in the Philippine Marketing World or the Global World – it does not matter but you will be one of the top masters of the marketing world.

Why? Winners are always in front of the stories that are written and celebrated in our rich history. While the losers and failures – a lot or majority of them are like littered papers burned and forgotten in our collective memories.

It is hard to be on top. Yes, definitely. However, it is possible to be on top. The roadmap to success can be created. You can create your roadmap to success.

Enter the National Marketing Conference

The National Marketing Conference is the event! It is the event for marketers like you who want to create a roadmap for success in this exciting albeit unpredictable field. Marketers flock to this event to learn, network and promote their products and services.

Breathe and live Marketing

The only way that you can be a successful marketer is to breathe and live the industry. Immerse yourselves to thousands of ideas that are constantly moving and changing shapes like atoms invisible to our naked eyes.

Therefore, the best place to absorb this very important dictum is to attend to the event that is created for marketers and the number one event for marketer is the National Marketing Conference.

The National Marketing Conference (NMC)

NMC takes place this June 23-24, 2011 at Sofitel Plaza. If you want to know the programme and other details of the event click here:

If you want to promote or attend, you may click here:

Action Beats Inaction

You are a marketer that is proactive and always on the go. You are a marketer that wants always to  be positioned at the cutting edge of the industry. If this is you I am describing then by all means call us now at tel # 643-3887 or click the link to contact us.

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