Events as a Market Research Tool

Friday, May 27, 2011

One of the most overlooked function that events or expo can do to a company is market research. It seems that automatically we join expo to generate sales – a short term goal that is ok but may not answer when we want to be on top of competition.

Market Research is about generating insights and intelligence in the market that companies are in and the competition that is around it. Expo or events are great in generating consumer insights and competitors intelligence.

It is a must for us who are using expo and events as a tool to harness this very special character in order to give us the edge when it comes to the competition.

Here are three things you can do at expo when it comes to market research:

                        a. Testing of new product

                        b. Research the effectiveness of the marketing campaign

                        c. Test market awareness and perception on your products

Having said this, good luck to a more intelligent use of expo and events.


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